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How to Pay Less For On-line Music Downloads

Date Added: July 02, 2009 01:41:37 PM
Author: Barbara
Category: Entertainment: Music
Almost everybody used to purchase CDs with songs in disc stores. But now it happens rarely. Presently it is common for music lovers to download new recorded songs from the Internet to their MP3 players. However, before you were aware that Cds you had obtained were licensed & you were not breaking any copyright laws.

At the present time it is significant to know music copyright laws in order not to be sued by a recording business for violation of copyright. Well, how to obtain the best tunes at a reasonable cost and not to be taken to court? Firstly, stop seraching at any music download site that promises you lots of music absolutely free of charge. Surely, very often young gifted but not yet famous singers or bands offer their tunes free at their sites. But if you have been granted free access to tracks of music celebrities, flee from there as quickly as possible!

Does this mean that you have to download high-priced tunes from now on and save on other things that you have been enjoying to the full before? No way!The industry of on-line licenced music download on-line music download sites offers you a wide choice of membership and buying options. Here's some introduction into pricing that may be useful to you.

First, some on-line music download wedsites have traditional charges for downloads. No membership charge is included, and you are allowed to watch short clips of tracks before buying the one you truly like. The charges normally range from $0.99 to $1.29 per track.If this way of buying music on-line does not appeal to you, there are websites that offer you a paid membership and reduced charges (normally about $0.67) for downloading songs.

Furthermore there is also a monthly subscription alternative, where you may download a definite number of tunes per month. They also offer a user a free trial period to get acquainted with the music they sell. In addition, they will let you download some songs (ABOUT TEN - TWENTY FIVE tracks) free within this period. If you do not subscribe the membership offered after the so-called trial period, all the songs you have downloaded from a site will be for ever yours.
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