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Is the Link Building Service from SubmitEdge the Best?

Date Added: July 21, 2011 08:42:39 AM
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The art of search engine optimization is very dynamic. This is because every year the search engine algorithms get updated and the criteria they use for ranking web pages changes. Webmasters and SEO experts therefore have to ensure that they keep reinventing the way they carry out search engine optimization so as to guarantee higher rankings from the search engine crawlers. Today, the search engine algorithms have become more content centric than ever before. This means that they give a lot of weight to the quality of information that is contained on a site and therefore quality webmasters and website owners have to ensure that they develop quality content for their sites.

One of the newest platforms that adheres to the content centric nature of search engine algorithms and that is currently creating a buzz in the SEO world is the use of Squidoo lenses. A Squidoo lens is a content centric page that is hosted on the official Squidoo site and these lenses have been tested and found to be an efficient way of promoting products or services as well as increasing the popularity of web pages. It is due to this effectiveness that many SEO companies have added Squidoo lens creation to their portfolio of SEO services. One of the firms that are best known for providing effective SEO campaigns that involve the creation of Squidoo lenses is SubmitEdge.

The Squidoo lens creation service that is provided by SubmitEdge is known to be unique and unlike the services provided by other firms. Their service helps to build natural niche one way links to your site which are important in improving not only your SERP rankings but also your PageRank. As one who has tried using Squidoo lenses for web page promotion can attest, the process can be quite difficult. This is because everything from the content creation to the link building should be done in a way that increases value for your website and your website visitors and this is not usually something straightforward.

It is for thisreason that people like to use professional SEO firms for their Squidoo lens creation and none comes more highly recommended than SubmitEdge. This firm offers a team of professional SEO writers who will ensure that your Squidoo lens not only contains information that is relevant to your website but is also interesting, unique and well optimized for the search engines. Before they start creating the Squidoo lenses, they will ensure that they carry out an in depth research into your website and competing websites so that they can identify the most popular and effective keywords in your niche. They will also take time to find out what goals you have for your business and how to best reach your clients. This way they will come up with content that encourages conversion on your site by appealing to your website visitor’s needs.

Also, when SubmitEdge carry out Squidoo lens creation for you, they will ensure that the tags that they use within the Squidoo lenses are keyword rich tags so as to get even more targeted traffic to your sites. This will further increase the likelihood of a higher conversion rate on your site which is important in ensuring a better ROI in the long run. What’s more, they ensure that they incorporate other visually compelling elements in your Squidoo lenses such as pictures and videos that are also relevant to your niche so as to make the lenses more appealing and attractive to those who view them. What makes the service from this firm even more unique is the fact that after creating the Squidoo lenses they also provide a lens promotion service which ensures that the lens gets a higher number of page views. For the promotion, they use major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL and others in an effort to ensure that the lens gets over 1000 backlinks in a certain period of time. In addition, once they create a Squidoo lens for you, they will allow you to review it so that you can make suggestions on changes where you feel that they are appropriate or required. They will then make any changes you desire and hand over the lens to you so that you can post it in your free Squidoo account.

For each Squidoo lens that they create for you, this firm will charge you a flat rate of $125. You may think this is a high fee to pay but when you consider all the benefits that you can derive from a well created Squidoo lens, it is a worthwhile investment. So if you are thinking of carrying out a Squidoo lens creation campaign for your website, look no further than SubmitEdge.

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